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The scoop

Sadly, I’m coming to the end of my fabulous year of vicariously fashionable living. This blog has been lots of fun but the title on the cover of the July 4th issue of The New York Times Magazine kind of says it all.

There were some fresh and lovely patterns in the last couple of Sunday issues of the magazine. I’m loving the ice cream scoops by Jake Godby in all those glorious colors,

and this illustration by Leanne Shapton in the Sunday Styles section is fun too.

The July 11th cover shows an overview of The Old City of Sana, the capital of Yemen. Though the story is disturbing, the city is pictured as a beautifully layered study of lacy architectural details.

Here are other striking views, also by Simon Norfolk, from inside the magazine.

I also enjoyed the juxtaposition of these playful rehab treatments in Detroit paired alongside some needlepointed pillows inspired by Klimpt’s paintings.

“OK designers, we’re coming around to our last couple of challenges. You have two very different covers to work with today and also lots of nice additional material for other looks if you chose to use it.”

“Thanks Tim.”

“I know your minds are starting to wander on to future endeavors, but enjoy these last few weeks before your runway show which we hope will be a thundering success.”

“Ok Tim, we’ll get to work!”


“Designers it’s time. Follow me. Let’s start the show!”

“Whew, fun Designer! Your baseball dress is striking and your ice cream ingredient dress is reminiscent of the very first dress you made in this show, your Betsey Johnson ice cream cone dress. You’ve really come full circle.”

“Yes, thank you!”

“Have you given much thought to what you might do after your runway show?”

“Well, a wonderful publisher invited me to write a book on my Jazzknitting techniques. That was months and months ago and I have yet to submit a proposal. They were hoping for some patterns to include, even though many of the shapes that emerge in Jazzknitting are a result of following the dyer’s color changes in hand painted yarn. If you scroll down to the bottom of this picture, you can see the socks I recently made from a pattern, which have gotten me thinking about new patterns I can design to include in my proposal.”

“Hmmmm, pretty socks! I see you’re going to be busy.”

“I will be, but I’ll also be available if anyone needs me for special projects. First though, I have another blog post and then my big show!”

“Ok, we’ll be looking forward to those.”


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Out of this world

“Designers, we have a new challenge for you this week. Are you ready?”

“Yes Tim.”

“Yes, yes!”

“Well, I’m sure you’ve all seen some pretty wild interpretations of what life is like on other planets, and I’m sure you’ve all seen futuristic fashions dreamed up on our own. This week we’d like you to come up with stylish and wearable looks that draw on otherworldly elements involving oceans of time and space.”


“You have two New York Times Magazine covers to work with this time. The cover from June 20th will lend itself nicely to a space age concoction.”

“The cover from the June 27th New York Times Magazine is also pretty futuristic, but in a fishy kind of way….”

“As an added twist, you will be perusing the fresh fish counter at Food for additional ideas for your looks.”

This challenge was inspired by an article in The New York Times Magazine on the warm blooded and magnificent, Bluefin Tuna, who’s time on earth may be limited due in part to the BP oil spill sullying their only Atlantic breeding ground, along with our ability to fish for them too efficiently.

What the article didn’t mention is that Tuna and all the bigger fish and sea animals who feed on smaller ones, are toxic with mercury from our industrial waste. Theirs’ is an incredibly tragic story.

“Designers, are you ready? ¬†You’ll find a lot of smaller scale fish at Food to get you in the creative mood. You’ll only have five minutes to explore, so let’s go!”

“All right Designers. As you’re assessing your haul I want you to think about transforming your material into otherworldly but fashionable pisces, umm, I mean pieces, that, like all good design, will endure. I know it’s hard to imagine what future life will be, but you want these garments to transcend their original forms and coalesce into timeless wonders.”

“Wow Tim, this material by the photographer, Kenji Aoki, is SO beautiful!”

“Yes, I’m glad you like it. I hope you appreciate the gravity of this moment and create your designs with grace and reverence. Carry on, Designers. I know you’ll give it your best and hope you’ll all do swimmingly.”

“Ok, time’s up. Everybody follow me. It’s time for the show!”



“We think you’ve scaled new heights with this challenge.”

“Well, thank you, Michael!”


“Yes Heidi?”

“I’ve been meaning to ask you something. Are you one of the Naked Cowgirls in Times Square who’ve been moving in on the Naked Cowboy’s orbit?”

“Hmmmmm. I’m not saying yes… and… I’m not saying no….”

“I see. Well, we’ll see you next time. Bye bye!”

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